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Music Class

Music Classes

PYE's Music Classes

The Concept-


PYE's music classes are designed differently than most classes, our focus is on creating student bands so that as the students learn their instruments, they are able to put that new knowledge to use in a practical way. Most students of music learn their instrument for several years if they make it that long.



Unfortunately, because of the intensity to learn and the solitude with their instrument, many students drop out from learning their instruments.  With our approach, the students learn their instruments then bring what they learned to their group or band, and practice together. The harmony and togetherness allow them to feel a sense of fulfillment. Therefore, students not only continue studying their instruments longer, but they are also learning to work with their bands to build teamwork and the harmony of several instruments together.



The Instruments-


Guitar- Our guitar classes start from the beginning steps of learning the strings, tuning, and how to play chords. The chords learned are relevant to the songs they will be practicing with their bands.


Piano - The piano taught at first not just by playing individual keys, but by chords, similar to how the guitar is taught. By doing this students learn the "sandwich method" of playing the guitar in order to play along with the rest of the bandmates.

Drums- Without a doubt one of the most important instruments for a complete band, drums are taught by learning each drum, learning beats, and fills. Each beat and fill start off easily, and with each class progressively increase with new beats and fills and more complicated ones.


Bass - The bass guitar is an instrument that adds depth and links the harmony and rhythm together, contributing to the groove, feel, and style of the music, and completing the overall sound. Probably the easiest of the instruments that we offer, but an important one

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