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After-School Program



Welcome to P.Y.E.’s after-school program.


P.Y.E. after-school program has helped many children to improve their academic skills and socializing skills.

The curriculum focuses on students completing their English and reading, math and science, and social studies school homework to excel in school. To do this. first we work on building students’ proper attitude for studying. Many of our success stories started as “tough students” and ended in “Top Class” in their grades. A facility with the right studying environment must be provided with the right teacher who knows proper classroom management is essential for creating the atmosphere where a student can learn. Our teachers are some of the best in alternative and traditional education styles employing several techniques to reach the students. Along with that, we work hand- in- hand with students’ parents to ensure all parties are involved in their child’s learning experiences.


PYE’s after school program includes:

Reading at “Age-Level” books, preparation for the statewide test, extra math help using online programs, weekly child during the after school hours.

Grades : 3rd -  8th grades    


When: 3:30pm - 7:00 pm. 


Mon- Friday  

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