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I am very grateful for all the things I learned at PYE. I first came to PYE for SHSAT prep back when the verbal section included logical reasoning and those infamous scramble paragraphs. I was taught how to approach a problem, how to reason and recognize the "traps" the test maker undoubtedly placed throughout the test. I greatly appreciated the fact that they devoted an entire class to teach grammar. Thanks to PYE

I was able to get into Bronx Science. It was last year that I started volunteering for service credits that I later became involved with Color in Milk, a non profit organization aimed to foster a passion for the sciences in motivated students through hands on activities. The instruction I received at PYE coupled with the opportunities I was given, I feel contributed to my acceptance to MIT. PYE is a great instructional place for those looking for more individualized attention, something larger test prep centers can't afford. Aside from test prep services, students can become participants of Color in Milk and, as they mature academically, instructors. Simply said, I absolutely recommend this place.

    Cesia M Alban



This place is so awesome!!! I went here for SAT help when I was a sophomore in high school. When I started, I was terrible and lacked motivation to improve myself and my SAT score was about an 800. I went to many other tutoring schools and also lacked the motivation to study and in other tutoring schools, teachers usually gave up on trying to help me after a while when I refuse to do anything.
I thought that eventually, the teachers at PYE would do the same. However, to my surprise, they kept trying to find new ways to motivate me and get me to do my work. I was surprised that they were still concerned about my future and education after I have been refusing to do any work there. The teachers there stayed with me after school and made sure I did my work, I hated that but when I look back to that, I am very grateful for that as it helped me raise my SAT score tremendously and I learned so much. They were willing to stay after school and use their personal time to make sure I understood the things that were being taught.
I'm more grateful over the fact that they never gave up on me and cared more about my future than I did. Also, all the staff there are very nice.


       Amy Z

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