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P.Y.E.'s Saturday School program has helped many students to enter into specialized schools, Ivy League schools, as well as excel in school. Our various scholastic enrichment and test–prep courses teach students how to achieve their academic goals.


The curricula focus on improving students’ knowledge in subjects that students lack in at their traditional school to help them succeed in their academic life. By teaching  grammar with sentence structures, writing structures, reading strategies, and excellent instruction in mathematics, we can improve a student’s understanding of these basic subjects necessary to learn to excel in school.

For the gifted students, we prepare them to take NYC's specialized schools  examinations. Not only do we teach our students the fundamentals of the test  such as advanced reading, writing, and math concepts, but we also teach strategies and numerous test taking skills. This not only "teaches to the test", but assists in their decision-making ability to choose the correct answer.


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Hunter Exam


Verbal and Math


Verbal focuses on:

Grammar, vocabulary for sentence completion, synonyms, and antonyms, reading comprehension


Math focuses on:

problem-solving ability, multi-step problem solving involving: estimation; computations with fractions, decimals, percents, and whole numbers ; rules of divisibility; simple probability; rate; average; ratio; time; money; area of shaded regions; perimeter; counting; visual and numerical pattern recognition; and three dimensional figures

Statewide Test Prep

ELA and Math


ELA focuses on:

Grade level Reading, reading cmoprehension questions, short answer response, extended response


Math Focuses on:

Grade level math


***Your child will take  a "FREE"  diagnostic Test***

SAT Class Specifics:


Verbal and Math

Verbal Focuses on:

Grammar, Sentence Completions, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension


Math Focuses on:

Basic arithmetic, algebra I & II, and geometry

SHSAT Class Specifics:

Verbal and Math


Verbal focuses on:

Scrambled paragraphs, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension


Math Focuses on:

Basic math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Factoring, Substitution, Basic Coordinate Graphing (8th grade), Logic, and Word Problems

Technology Classes:


From time to time we offer special workshops such as Lego Creations to build buildings and items which stimulate the brain. For those interested in technology, we will be having several classes a year on robotics – building and programming robots, as well as Kids’ friendly computer programming.

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