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Why Summer School?


To get the knowledge, skills, and practice to enter a new grade and excel from the start, a student can't just take off all summer and expect to be a "Great Student". Many students who return from summer vacation have difficulty remembering the math they learned, the rules of grammar, and EVEN how to write. With practice during the summer in the next year's math, continued reading and writing, a student has a better chance of performing well during the new school year in September.


For students who aspire to enter the specialized high schools, this is increasingly true. To take the SHSAT, students need an entirely NEW skill set in logic, understanding paragraphs, difficult reading passages, and math they will not learn for another year. Summer school is the only way to prepare for these types of tests.

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Summer Prep 

Students who wish to study at P.Y.E.'s Summer prep program for a better understanding of English grammar, literature, math, the SAT, SHSAT, and NYS Statewide can now register at a DISCOUNTED PRICE!

What does P.Y.E. teach students for the specialized exams?

1. The exam itself - You need to know your enemy to defeat it.

2. The basics of all the subjects tested.

3. Tips and tricks to improve students scores when all else has failed. And so much more!


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